Minor surgery

At MS Doctors, we treat pathological conditions in the field of minor surgery every day. In most cases, they are usually acute and subacute diseases, and some patients are also chronic. We need to see a medical centre urgently or as planned. In more complicated situations, we can arrange a priority visit at one of our professional consulting centres.

What does it consist of?

Minor surgery consists of a series of short-term surgical techniques usually applied to the superficial structures of the body.

They usually require local anesthesia, and the risks of performing these methods are low, and complications are rare. Therefore, these interventions are small and can solve traumatic or benign injuries or skin changes. If they cannot be resolved in time, they may aggravate the condition. They are procedures that are usually performed on an outpatient basis.

How do we provide you with the service of MS Doctors? 

In our medical centre, we regularly treat the following diseases: laceration repair, wound sutures, drainage, and follow-up of skin abscesses, removal of benign lesions such as epidermal cysts, lipomas, moles, nail surgery, nail ingrowth, nail lengthening, Subtle hematoma, cleaning and removal of chronic ulcers, cryosurgery (common warts, infectious mollusks, actinic keratosis, etc.) debridement.

Infiltration of specific joints and arthrocentesis, extraction of foreign bodies in the skin, nostrils, ears, etc.

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How can we help you at MS Doctors? 
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We have been providing private medical services for more than 35 years.

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