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X-rays | Tac | Ultrasound | Magnetic resonance

We have our urgent radiology service in Salou / La Pineda and urgent concerted access for the diagnostic imaging tests.

What does it consist of?

Imaging examinations can provide images of the whole or part of the body.

Imaging tests can help doctors diagnose the disease, determine the severity of the disease, and monitor the patient after it is diagnosed.

Most imaging tests are painless, relatively safe, and non-invasive (that is, they do not need to make an incision in the skin or insert an instrument into the body).

Image testing can use the following:

  • Radiation, such as X-rays, Computed Axial Tomography (CT), and scintigraphy
  • Soundwaves, as in ultrasound
  • Magnetic fields, as in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

Substances that are swallowed, injected, or inserted to highlight or highlight the tissue or organ to be examined (called contrast agents)

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How can we help you at MS Doctors? 
Your well-being on your vacation, our priority.

We have been providing private medical services for 34 years.

Always with efficiency, privacy, flexibility, and quality of care following all our protocols.

Specialized in primary care, emergencies, and home service 24 hours.

We have two medical centres, Salou and La Pineda. Our doctors also visit hotels and apartments in the area (Salou, La Pineda, Cambrils, Vila-Seca, and Tarragona).

Medical care quality

safe, effective, timely, efficient, fair, and people-oriented medical services.

Diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up

From the day of receiving the call, we have been by your side until your problem is entirely resolved.

Dynamic and solving ability

We have a team that can solve problems quickly and professionally.

Multilingual doctors and staff

Communication is essential, and we don’t want it to be your problem. We speak your language.


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Thousands of patients of different nationalities use the services of MS Doctors as a trusted medical centre every year. For our efficiency, quality of care, and more than 30 years of experience.